Thursday, 11 September 2014

Getting to the crux at last - the Irish Times interviews Gideon Levy

At last the Irish Times publishes some serious and tough coverage of Gaza.   In the aftermath of the bombardments and invasion of July and August, Lara Marlowe was dispatched to the Strip.  Marlowe is a veteran foreign and war correspondent, who has divided her time over the last number of years between writing as that paper's Paris correspondent, and covering Middle East wars.  She writes with a sympathetic and clear eye.

Here she interviews Gideon Levy, a famous dissenting columnist at Ha'aretz, Israel's elite daily newspaper.  Levy has become famous, or notorious, as one of Israel's most outspoken homegrown critics.  He is a brave and honorable writer, and it's good to see Irish audiences introduced to him.

Here is the link to Marlowe's interview:

‘Holocaust makes Israelis think international law doesn’t apply’

And here is a link to my review of Levy's  book The Punishment of Gaza, which was posted on the Irish Left Review's excellent website - for which many thanks are due to Donagh Brennan - a few years ago:

The Punishment of Gaza



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