Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Academic Freedom in the Shadow of Colonialism and Capital

At Trinity College Dublin, on September 11 and 12 last, a conference was held on the situation of academic freedom and freedom of speech, in the context of the ever-increasing corporatisation and marketisation of higher education in Ireland, America, Britain and Europe.  Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions dissent on campus was taken as a test case.  It was organised under the auspices of the excellent and long-running M.Phil. in Race, Ethnicity and Conflict at TCD. though I had a hand in it too.  Here is the conference blog:

Conference: Freedom of speech and Higher Education: The case of ...

The conference was a great success, with superb papers delivered on many aspects of dissent in the neoliberal university, and two brilliant keynote talks by Dr Steven Salaita and Professor  Kathleen Lynch (UCD).

I have today published a report which I wrote up on the conference, with help from my comrades Ronit Lentin, David Landy and, most especially, Paola Rivetti.  It's on the excellent Mondoweiss website - warmest thanks to all at Mondoweiss, particularly Allison Deger and  Adam Horowitz.   Here it is:

Steven Salaita keynotes conference on academic freedom in Ireland


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