Monday, 22 June 2015

Summer Heats Up

I have not posted over the last few weeks, having realised that much, if not all, of my seemingly fantastic numbers of pageviews for this blog were derived in the last couple of months from 'bots' - shadowy automated websites originating in some of the newly dark places of the earth, which appear to 'refer' readers to sites such as mine.  I am not sure that these things did my site any real harm (though apparently some bots can - if I'd been selling material on this site, information such as card and bank details would have been vulnerable to bot-originated theft), but the inflated figures left me feeling rather deflated as to the worth of posting.

But, judging by my 'traffic sources' the bots have now decided to move on to other prey, and my ratings, while vastly more modest, are real once more.   So I'll post some material today, hopefully to cheer up my regular readers, and myself.

Today was meant to be the final showdown for the Greek government: it was to submit a final plan for renewed austerity measures to a council of Eurozone leaders, or face default and probably exit from the currency area by the end of the month.  But some kind of slip-up of documents has meant that the whole Mexican stand-off (I'm watching the Sergio Leone 'Dollar' films again - wonderfully stylish and cynical) has become a muddle with egg on every face in sight.  Here is Stathis Kouvelakis, a Greek historian of political ideas who teaches at King's College London and is connected to Syriza, writing on Jacobin:

In Search of Lost Time

I recently acquired a copy of Shulamith Firestone's Marxist-feminist classic, The Dialectic of Sex (see title of my previous post) - reissued by Verso - and the salutary fury of the book is energising and inspiring.  Here, also from Jacobin, is an essay of the kind she might write now, were she still alive, on the weakness and alienable character of liberal feminism in the age of neoliberal rationality:


The Sweatshop Feminists






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