Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Coming Insurrection

In France, in 2009, gendarmes swooped on the village of Tarnac, in the Correze département in central France, pulling 20 alleged anarchist activists from their beds and arresting nine of them: the Tarnac Nine.  Two were subsequently released.  One of them, Julien Choupat, has been charged with authoring the anonymous anti-capitalist pamphlet, The Coming Insurrection.  The French state regards the Tarnac Nine as responsible for extensive damage and disruption to the French railway system.

In a recent article in Libération, a group of French intellectuals have claimed the authorship of the pamphlet, as a way of highlighting the increasing political censoriousness of French society, which accelerated after but dates from long before the Charlie Hebdo murders and aftermath.

Here is the original article:

Je suis l’auteur de «L’insurrection qui vient»

And here it is in English translation from the Verso website

I am the author of The Coming Insurrection



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